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Dental Technology Services

With over 15 years of experience in dental technology we are able to offer your practice a keen understanding of your computer and network IT needs along with the service and integration of your dental technology systems. 

  • 2D & 3D unit Service and Repair

  • Panoramic Installation and De-installation

  • Panoramic Transport & Relocation (i.e. moving unit to new office)

  • Annual Service and Calibrations

  • Image Acquisitions and 3D viewer Training

  • Intra-Oral Sensors/Cameras and X-ray Generators

Dental Practice Mangagement Software

  • Praceticeworks

  • SoftDent

  • Eaglesoft

  • EzDent-i

  • OMS

  • Dentrix

  • Cloud9

Imaging Software 

  • Carestream Dental Imaging Software

  • CSOI

  • Smartdent/Xellis 3D Viewer

  • Dexis

Xray unit Devices.jpg
RVG Sensor.jpg
Rvg IMage.jpg



Whether you're a owner of a private practice, dental service organization, dealer or manufacture, you understand that this in an industry where the details matter. We strive to ensure the following points of service are emphasized for all system installations, de-installations and repairs to provide the white-glove standard of care our clients and their patients deserve. 

  • Equipment Handling - Ensuring that impacts and "rough handling" does not occur so systems can perform at their optimal standard. 

  • Clean as we go - Removing bulky trash items out of the work space and leaving all work areas cleaner than we found it. 

  • Cable Management - Professional cable routing that is hidden, when at all possible, to achieve a clean and aesthetic appearance. 

  • Efficient Training - Equipment operation training from proficient technicians to ensure staff members are effective at utilizing and maintaining your investment. 

  • Precision Calibrations and Alignment - We understand that x-ray equipment is sensitive and every millimeter and micron counts. Our technicians take pride in achieving the highest possible systems calibrations for accurate image results. 

Actual MITs Dental Equipment Installations

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