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Take a look at our top 12 reasons why your business needs an MSP Service Plan

1. Proactive Solutions

When you choose to outsource your IT as a proactive effort, you receive better performance, nearly zero downtime and fewer glitches. We help detect these problems to prevent them from becoming worse and turn into expensive repairs and increased downtime.


2. Controlled + Predictable Spending


One of our managed services model benefits is the delivery of customized solutions for every client. This helps prevent worrying of the services that are covered and work with you on pricing options.

3. Lower Costs


The ultimate benefit of a managed services model is its ability to lower business costs. One of the costs that businesses don’t always remember is that MSPs (Managed Service Provider) help minimize the chance of expensive network disasters.


4. Compliance and Security


When you outsource to an MSP that is familiar with PCI compliance standards, we minimize the risk related to credit card numbers, client data or any other sensitive information. We implement security strategies to keep your firewall and your DMZ up-to-date, among other security measures.


5. Vendor Management


We deal with the software and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to. Taking away any hassle from complicated and technical conversations. Tracking items such as Anti-virus and backup software licensing expiration dates and equipment end-of-life cycles so you know when failures are likely, before they occur.


6. Access to IT Professionals


An MSP is essentially an in-house IT staff member but without the associated cost. When you work with Millennial IT Solutions, you have access to our knowledgeable staff that is available at your convenience for any IT problem or question you have.


7. Faster Response Time


When issues arise, single technician visits and support calls can be quite expensive and time consuming as technicians may need time to learn your network and equipment. We take the time to understand your equipment proactively and can provide solutions right away. We are able to repair most network problems that your business may have remotely using remote connection software.


8. Level the Playing Field


Larger companies typically have in-house support services with a team of full-time IT professionals. Small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford that luxury on their own. One of the benefits of outsourcing your businesses IT is that it helps gain the expertise and the insight that larger companies have. This can help level the playing field between you and your competition.


9. New Technology


A top advantage of managed services is how quickly new technology can be implemented into your business. We are able to start projects right away, saving you time and money.


10. Reduce Risk


Every investment your business makes carries a certain risk. Government regulations, technologies, markets, financial conditions and markets all change at a rapid pace. We manage a lot of this risk for you because of our industry knowledge in areas such as compliance and security issues.


11. Equipment Inventory


We map out your network to provide you a visual of your network environment to help understand and inventory every component. Our remote software also allows us to see detailed specs of most devices to make it easier to assess your equipment capabilities and compatibility with other devices you may want to add in the future.


12. Stay Focused on Business


When a business has limited resources, it limits the time and attention of every manager and employee. A key managed services benefit is helping you stay focused on your business needs and let us deal with the complex IT situations. Your business deserves to run at its highest efficiency, and that can only be done when your networks are operational.

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